Mobilizing the Networking Sector Through Virtualization
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Mobilizing the Networking Sector Through Virtualization

Bill Gray, Director of Sales & Services,
Bill Gray, Director of Sales & Services,

Bill Gray, Director of Sales & Services,

What significant changes did the networking industry witness in 2013? What did these changes mean to vendors and customers?

Cloud, Data Center Advancements, Data Center Virtualization and mobile devices. It changed IT policies and procedures and the way people think about IT as a service and not just a product.

What are some of the changes you had anticipated would happen in 2013 but did not happen?

Mobility would change the way people worked and change IT but it really did not have an as big of an impact as I expected. Not a lot of companies embraced the mobility or at least not BYOD.

I also thought cloud would be a bigger deal, but I think people are still very scared and hesitate to go to the cloud

Can you paint us an image of how the landscape of networking technology will change in 2014? What are some of the broader trends you are closely watching?


Agile Work force

At Home Work Force

Cloud – buying services on-demand

How will vendors and customers spending change in 2014 for the networking technology industry? What makes you think customers will be buying more/less?

Increases will be in Data Center and Mobility/Wireless.

We won’t see cloud increase until end of 2014 and 2015.

Customers will be spending more, but I think the sales cycle will be longer. Customers are wiser than years before because so much data is available now and customers are still gun shy to make big purchases because of the recession and a repeat of that.

What's in store for your company in 2014?

Increase in services

More engineers added to headcount to anticipate the increase in services

Doing more project management work, not just selling IT products

Lots of Cloud discussions (slow sales cycle)

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